Hard Work and Customer Focus Lead to Franchise Success

Posted: 30/01/2017 13:07:43

Jonathan-Rochead.JPG“Getting my new van, which is really like a big boy’s toy shop and meeting so many great new people,” is how Jonathan Rochead talks about the highlights of his first year on the road with his Mac Tools franchise. He continues saying with a smile, “Having a Mac Tools franchise is as good as you want to make it.”
Like so many others who have taken the leap into self-employment with the support of a big business by choosing a Mac Tools franchise, Jonathan has changed his life for the better. While there are plenty of Mac Tools franchisees who join the brand having spent their working lives in garages there are an equal number like Jonathan who, prior to joining the brand, have had no experience in the field. In Jonathan’s case, he had spent the past 12 years of his working life as a contracts manager for a sports construction company. Explaining why he decided to leave that life behind and join Mac Tools he simply says, “I wanted to be in control of my future.”
Evidence of just how much control he has over his future now is clear as he explains, “There’s so much less stress in my life now, or should I say a different sort of stress – a positive one that motivates me when I wake up each morning. I relish being able to make decisions that have a direct effect on my business, it’s so rewarding. Obviously I’m human and I don’t get it right every time, but even if I feel I’ve made a mistake, I treat it as an opportunity to learn and improve going forward.”
Thankfully, mistakes are a rare occurrence for Jonathan thanks to his past experience as a contracts manager where he has been heavily involved with sales and customer service. As a result, he recognises the importance of providing a high level of customer focus where, even if a mistake is made, it is quickly rectified, ensuring that the relationship remains strong. Given the way he talks so happily about his customer interactions, it is clear that the garage and workshop technicians he deals with on a daily basis appreciate the effort Jonathan puts into keeping them serviced.
It is not just Jonathan’s past work experience that has made his first 12 months with Mac Tools so successful, as he is quick to point out just how good the support he gets from the business is. “Mac Tools has a great customer service team that is always there to help and point you in the right direction. As more Mac Men hit the road it’s good to know Stanley Black & Decker is investing in more staff to keep up the fantastic level of backroom support.”
Knowing that there is great back-up when he needs it no doubt accounts for Jonathan’s willingness to work hard to make his franchise such as success. Talking about a typical working day he says, “My days are long, but that’s all I’ve ever known throughout my working life. Normally, I’m up at 5.00am and in the office by 6.00am. As a Mac Man, on four days of the week, I’m on the road by about 8-8.30am so that I can make my first call by 9.00am. However, on Wednesdays, I have an early start when my first call is 07.30am.
“For most of my days my last call is around 5.00pm, but on a Friday evening, I do call on mostly commercial garages that run late or that have night shifts. I really enjoy this as I’ve been around trucks from a very young age and I think the guys do appreciate seeing a tool van, especially as I’m the only one some of them on permanent nights get to see.
“When I arrive home it’s normally in for tea and then back to the van or the store to restock and check my deliveries for a couple of hours. Most nights I have a least an hour in the office at the end of the day.”
From Jonathan’s comments, it may seem like the hours he works are very long and he is quick to acknowledge this with some advice for anyone considering following his example. “The best piece of advice I’d like to pass on is, ‘Don’t fill every day of the week to the max from the start.’ I know from experience that you’ll get busier and time will be tight if you want to see most of the good garages every week. I’d love to have two or three hours one day a week spare. I’d use that time to organise toolbox deals or demo diagnostics equipment as this is the sort of thing that can really make your time tight on a normal day. But of course, you are your own boss so you can make your day as long as you like, especially as it doesn’t feel like work in the traditional sense,” he concludes with a laugh.

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