Introducing Two New Starts

Posted: 07/08/2017 11:43:06

Previously self-employed optician Paul Cross, Mac Tools Wolverhampton was looking for a new venture. “I wanted a business I can grow, which would be an asset for me in the future” Paul explains.
Starting a new business didn’t faze Paul when he chose to invest in a Mac Tools franchise, even though he was moving out of an industry he knew, into a very different world. Like many before him who opt for a franchise, Paul found the support of a clearly-defined working business model which Mac Tools offered, aligned well with such a dramatic career move. “Mac offers a sensible business solution with great support, training and a clear business plan.” He says of what set Mac Tools apart from other franchises he looked at.
Jeff Hawkes, Mac Tools Loughton who is also just completed his training, made the transition to Mac Tools from a large haulage firm explains, “I needed a change from driving and transport management, and wanted something I could build myself. Mac Tools fits me very well, and gives me the freedom to establish my own business.”
As he sets off around Wolverhampton in his van-tool-showroom after completing the Mac Tools start-up training, Paul is hopeful of making the most of the training he received as quickly as possible. “When I was doing my research, I didn’t see any other franchise offering such a high level of financial input, with clear outcomes quickly available to me. I know hard work will bring the contacts, and clear vision will keep me focussed on my end goal.” The chance to be his own boss in a market worth £150 million!
Loughton-based Jeff is also clear about the future he is working towards, within a company he already knew and trusted, as part of the global Stanley Black&Decker group. “Mac Tools is a strong brand, with a good reputation across the industry.” Having been a mechanic previously, Jeff clearly knows what he is talking about, as he personally used some of the world-famous tools he now offers from Mac Tools, Facom, Expert and DEWALT. “I know my way around the tools, having used and collected them for many years, so Mac Tools seemed like the perfect choice for me to set out on my own. Having the support and guidance of the Mac Tools franchise is a huge benefit of setting out around Loughton in my fully-loaded van, with a selection of the 18,000 products Mac Tools offers.”
Mac Tools offers franchisees two options for financing a Mac Tools franchise, with no ongoing royalties to pay out:
·         With £15,000 liquid capital and a £35,000 bank loan you receive our highest trading terms
·         With £5,000 liquid capital and a £10,000 bank loan you receive our lower trading terms
Email to find out more about what taking out a Mac Tools franchise could mean for your future success or visit our website.
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