ECOSMART™ Office initiative

2015 included the launch of our ECOSMART™ Office Initiative, designed to create a sustainable eco-friendly office environment. As an ongoing effort to reduce our paper consumption and toner usage, we encourage colleagues to implement "Smart Printing Strategies" into their daily work activities.

Sustainability Performance

In 2015, we extended our ECOSMART™ philosophy to include our whole supply chain. We encourage our suppliers to advance sustainability processes that not only benefit themselves, but also those that can be passed along the entire supply chain. We undertake regular audits to identify opportunities for improvement and to help our suppliers make beneficial process improvements for energy, waste and water reductions.

Energy Management

In 2015, two of our European facilities became the latest to have successfully achieved the ISO 50001 certification in Energy Management: our Tools & Storage facility in Besançon, France, which manufactures tape measures and saw blades, and our Engineered Fastening facility in Warrington, U.K.

Our goal is a 20% reduction in paper consumption annually.