Mentor Touch Pro Diagnostic Scan Tool

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The Mentor Touch is the scan tool the market has been waiting for...

  • Live / continuous online updates to software & global OEM technical service bulletins
  • Serviced vehicle memory function and stored service reset protocols for most covered vehicles
  • Class 1 Bluetooth with up to 100m range
  • Service schedule information, including technical data
  • Fault finding log, this allows you to show your customer the detail process during the diagnoses/repair of their car, adding value to the service that you deliver
  • Option to show and store your history logs in PDF format

All that PLUS:

  • FREE 3 years of diagnostic software, troubleshooting and maintenance guided software
  • FREE Product hardware support hotline for the lifetime of the tool while in subsciption
  • FREE online training videos – over 100 minutes of training available
  • FREE 1 year vehicle hotline support
  • FREE 220 minutes of technical support
  • FREE 1 day training course at one of our approved training centres
  • 2 year hardwear warranty

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