Make the right diagnosis with Mac Tools

Posted: 12/09/2012 15:52:57

Mac Tools, dedicated to providing mechanics with the widest choice of quality tools possible, adds six new products to its diagnostics range.

Relay Bypass Kit Mk II (ET9037)

Designed to test and to identify faulty relays, control switches, open circuits, electrical equipment and power feeds, the ET9037 relay bypass kit contains three different plugs that replace the existing relays and provide manual control of circuits. An important addition to the latest version of the kit is a fuel pump relay bypass switch. Once installed in place of the vehicle's existing fuel pump relay, the switch gives the mechanic direct control over the fuel pump circuit and actuates the pump with the engine switched off. Supplying a 30 amp surge (12 volt) and a continuous 20 amp operating range, the kit covers most common Honda, Subaru, Chrysler, Mitsubishi and BMW models. For Toyota, Ford, General Motors and Volkswagen Group models, the ET9036 kit is required.

12 piece Female Bullet Connector Cleaners (ET8042)

This set of maintenance tools is designed to reduce diagnostic guesswork by allowing mechanics and technicians to remove corrosion and debris from Cannon, Deutsch, Bullet, and other round pin female terminals. The 12 round files contained in the set feature durable diamond abrasive coating and range from .030” to .120” in size.

Easy Access Back Probes (ET95923)

The ET95923 is a set of eight probes divided into coloured pairs (red, yellow, blue and green) which are impervious to extreme temperatures and automotive solvents. The probes allow the mechanic to check signal and voltage measurements at connectors without disconnecting them and potentially causing damage.

Silicone Test Leads (ET96471)

Perfect for testing electrical circuits in cars, trailers, boats and many other applications, Mac Tools' new silicone test leads, one red and one black, can be used with any multimeter or device fitted with banana jack connectors. The leads are 1220mm (48”) in length with an outside diameter of 3.8mm and are specified to carry a maximum of 1,000 volts and 10 amps.

Mini Cable Piercers (96467)

This set of four colour-coded piercers (red/yellow/blue/green) is designed to allow easy access and connectivity to cables when carrying out diagnostic work. Sharp enough to pierce the toughest insulation, the mini piercers incorporate a 4mm standard socket which means any multimeter or device fitted with banana jack connectors can be connected. Recommended for safe voltage piercing only (600 volts maximum).

Retractable Test Lead Kit (RTL1176A)

A useful companion to the mechanic's multimeter, the new Mac Tools retractable test lead kit comprises a central hub that contains two retractable 4572mm (15 ft) test leads which can be handle up to 10 amps when unwound and 6 amps while retracted. The probe end of the leads can be connected to any combination of the test probes, alligator clips, or spring hooks included in the kit.

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