Mac Tools-sponsored BIGFOOT® #17 set to break the million mark

Posted: 06/10/2012 15:48:55

BIGFOOT® #17, the British-built Monster Truck currently wowing fans at events across Europe, is on target to reach live audience figures of over a million.

Monster Truck racing has remained hugely popular in the United States since it began in 1990. Team BIGFOOT® Racing, based in Daventry, originally built BIGFOOT® #17 specifically for competing in Europe and won four championship titles at the height of the European Monster Truck Racing Championship in the early 2000s. The Championship no longer exists but BIGFOOT® #17 still tours Europe where it attracts large audiences at motoring events. Live-viewing figures are expected to exceed one million before the end of the 2012 season, the highest number a European Monster Truck will have ever achieved.

Contrary to our expectations, we have seen a significant increase in attendance at all the events so far this year. The growth in audience levels, combined with a rise in visitors to our website and a growing legion of Facebook fans demonstrates a genuine surge of interest in Monster Trucks in Europe. Mac Tools has ensured we have the very best tools and storage at our disposal this season and has joined us at a very exciting time! Nigel Morris, owner and driver at Team BIGFOOT® Racing, who runs the team with his wife, Lisa
Naturally, the Mac Tools – BIGFOOT® partnership has been a huge hit in the United States but to be on track to achieving similar success in Europe is outstanding. Nigel and Lisa are doing an amazing job and we are very proud of our association with the team. Mark Hallum, UK Marketing Manager for Mac Tools

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