Applying Transferable Skills For Franchise Success

Posted: 23/11/2016 15:41:00

Mark-Doig.JPGPeople join the Mac Tools franchise network from a diverse range of backgrounds and many of those who do so go into the business with no previous experience of the tool industry. As Mark has demonstrated, this need not be an obstacle, since the support and training they receive before going on the road provides everything necessary to achieve success in the role.
Before Mark joined Mac Tools he was more used to dealing with figures than screwdrivers and wrenches, since his background was in accountancy. He takes up the story of his move into tool sales. “When I started my working life, I initially qualified as an accountant and my experience since then has mainly encompassed recruitment, sales and business development.
“Having held a number of senior positions over the years, I had reached a stage where I felt I could potentially apply the skills and experience I had gained to a business of my own. However, rather than stay in my comfort zone, I decided that a new challenge in a completely different industry was the direction I wanted to go. The franchising route ticked all the boxes for me and, after looking at a number of different opportunities, I opted to go with Mac Tools due to the strength of the brand and the fact that it is part of the world’s leading tool manufacturer. The available support looked fantastic and, as I’ve always had a personal interest in cars, it made complete sense to get on board.”
Once he had made his mind up to join the Mac Tools family, Mark quickly adapted to the new working regime and was fortunate to be able to make use of his previous experience in his new role as a franchisee. “My finance background has really helped with the business side of things,” explains Mark. He continues, saying, “I feel that I have a strong experience of building and developing relationships which has been invaluable in establishing myself as a Mac Man. At the end of the day, this is a sales role and having confidence and tenacity combined with the ability to handle targets and ‘take the rough with the smooth’ is crucial. Fortunately I’m well versed in these areas, and despite the fact that I’ve not come from a motor mechanic background, I’m making a success of the franchise.
“It might sound like a cliché but I really love being my own boss and I also like the fact that I have the flexibility to manage my day the way I want to. New franchisees should be prepared to put the effort in though; starting my own franchise business has been very hard work and it has required long hours to be successful. However, having said that, I wouldn’t change it for anything. It really is a case of you get out what you put in and it is up to me how hard I want to work and what hours I want to do. I have actually discovered that I am much more driven and competitive than I thought I was.”
Although he has, so far, focused on the hard work and effort required to get to where he is after only six months, Mark does feel that the support franchise holders receive matches the effort they themselves put in, as he explains. “The support from Mac Tools has been outstanding; from the initial training through to the day-to-day support, I can’t fault it. There is always someone on the end of the phone if I need any advice or even just someone to offload to. The regular regional meetings are really good and allow franchise holders, like myself, to share experiences with other Mac folks. Mac Tools runs a very polished operation with excellent back office, finance and customer support teams.”
With that level of support behind him, it should come as no surprise that Mark is enjoying his life on the road as a Mac Man. Among the many reasons that he is enjoying himself so much is that he meets new people and discovers new opportunities on a daily basis. “Every day is different and brings new challenges. A typical day involves printing out and finalising my route, sorting orders and deliveries for the customers, deciding which promotions or special deals I’m going to promote and, most importantly, deciding how I’m going to make a difference to my customers’ day – ‘What’s on a deal, what’s new, what’s free and so on!’. When my customers come on the van it should be an experience for them, and so far, raffles and a ‘doughnut day’ have gone down well. It’s a constant challenge to keep the offerings exciting and different.
“It’s all worthwhile when I see my hard work rewarded by success, providing solutions for happy customers, and being told by them that I’m better than the competition,” Mark finishes with a wry laugh.
Given Mark’s enjoyment of his first six months with Mac Tools, it is easy to see why he feels he made the right choice with the franchise. For anyone considering doing the same, he has some words of advice, “If you think franchising may be for you, you can’t beat Mac Tools,” he says. “But you do need to be prepared to work hard and accept that occasional knocks are just part of the learning process that help you improve – just like any business. You’ll need to be a self-starter; no-one else is going to kick you out of bed and get you to that first call. If you are willing to put the effort in and want to benefit from your own efforts then go for it. It’s a great brand with the best products in the industry and you meet some really fun people.”

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