Fantastic results in the Race of Remembrance

Posted: 09/11/2015 12:38:03

Franchisees Dean Foster and Phil Harrison joined Mission Motorsport racers Dave Birrell and Danny Holland this weekend to form a 4 man team for the Race of Remembrance...

4th in class - 26th overall


In a race where no fewer than 45 teams took their place on the grid in cars ranging from Mazda MX-5's to Lotus Exige's, including British Touring Car stars and other professional race drivers from around the country, the Mac Tools team battled the toughest of weather conditions to finish 26th out of the entire grid and 4th in class... A truly incredible result for a beginner team!

The race was split over two days, the first stretch of which was a 3 hour session on Saturday evening in night conditions, which proved tricky for a number of teams as a couple of cars came back into the pit lane on the back of a recovery vehicle. Not only did every member of the Mac Tools team manage to bring the car back in one piece, Danny was able to put in some of his fastest laps of the weekend and jump a number of early positions in the standings to give the team the confidence boost they needed for the remainder of the session.

Yesterday began bright and early with the race continuing at 9am, with each driver taking a short stint up until the race was paused at 10:45 ahead of the remembrance service at 11:00. All teams, guests and spectators gathered behind the pit lane for an extremely moving remembrance service to remember those who have fallen or been otherwise affected in battle. A moment to remember exactly why we are all here and what we are supporting. The service was impeccably delivered, and the racing continued shortly afterwards for the final (and longest) stretch.

The afternoon session brought its own set of challenges, this time not from the dark but from the weather. Very strong winds and heavy rainfall made the sea-front track a very difficult circuit to race, and yet more teams were forced to retire as they were unable to keep the car in check. With just 1 hour remaining in the race the guys were closing in on 3rd place in their class quickly, and having set the teams fastest lap time over the weekend Dave Birrell was strategically put in the driving seat for the final stint in an attempt to clinch a podium position. Sadly, weather conditions took a severe turn for the worst and in the interest of safety the race was declared red flagged just 45 minutes from the end with teams ending the race in their current race positions.

Despite the premature end to the race, it's fair to say that having never competed in a professional race before, and being thrown the most difficult of racing conditions, Dean and Phil both did an incredible job to not only keep the car on the track but gain the finishing position that they did alongside Dave and Danny.

Huge thanks and congratulations go out to Dean, Phil, Dave and Danny for their success this weekend in supporting Mission Motorsport, a charity we know is an extremely good cause.

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