World’s first fully programmable torch

Posted: 16/11/2011 16:13:05

Mac Tools introduces “myTorch”, the world’s first programmable LED Smart Torch.

The myTorch range utilises “Smart Torch Technology” (STT) combined with NEXTUNER software which enables users to program an unlimited number of lighting modes directly from their computer.

The programming process is performed via the supplied USB cable. A mini-USB port is concealed beneath the head of the torch which must be loosened for access and an o-ring is fitted to the base of the head to protect the port from moisture and dirt.

The NEXTUNER graphical interface allows an unlimited amount of modes to be programmed, which can include: constant output level modes with luminance from 0% to 100%, strobe modes, and combination signalling modes where the pulse level, duration and off periods can be fully customised. The modes are cycled on the torch by softly depressing the tail switch (depressing fully powers the torch on and off).

The Mac Tools myTorch range is sleek and ergonomic in design and manufactured from Aerospace Type II Hard-anodised grade aluminium. The brick-shaped knurling provides good grip levels while retaining a smooth and stylish appearance. Further innovations include raised flutes on the head and tail sections as an anti-roll measure and a luminous tail cap to help locate the torch in the dark.

Four models are available, varying in size and output, and start with the 56 gram Mac AA torch which has 70-5 lumens output available and a beam distance of 79 metres. The top of the range is the Mac Pro Rechargeable Torch, weighing 132 grams with an output of 200-10 lumens and a 200 metre beam.

The problem of working in limited light conditions can’t always be solved with just one standard torch. For example, a mobile mechanic working under the bonnet of a car in a confined space would not want to be blinded by a bright light capable of travelling hundreds of metres.

With the Mac Tools myTorch range, we offer a totally innovative solution to suit the needs of the individual, whatever their requirements. The programming options really are limitless.Mark Hallum, UK marketing manager for MAC Tools

Mac Tools are available from all regional Mac Tools mobile distributors.

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