Engineering a successful franchise

Posted: 08/05/2015 11:54:00

Marcus Webb joined Mac Tools’ UK network in October 2014 when he took on the franchise for the Cambridge area, joining a network of over 130 trusted distributors. With six months of life on the road behind him he is now happier than ever about his decision.
Marcus, a qualified mechanical engineer, had wanted to work for himself for some time and following redundancy he made the decision to follow his dream. After researching the franchise market he found several franchises of interest but decided to go with Mac Tools because, as he says, “It allowed me the scope to truly run my own business, but with the backing of a world class company and top quality products. The support I’ve been given is excellent and there’s always help available if I need it.”
Reflecting on his success over the past six months, Marcus says, “Anyone from any background and any age can succeed as a Mac Tools franchisee. Being reliable and building up your customers' trust is what really makes the difference. Delivering great service is key to success as well as being a 'people person', and of course, understanding the products and speaking about them with confidence.
“I’ve relished the challenge of going out and forging relationships with customers and learnt the value of going that extra mile for them, which has paid dividends,” says Webb talking about why he feels he is doing so well with his change of career. He continues, saying, “My customers look forward to seeing me and on the odd day that I might get held up, they have said they were worried that I might not be coming!”

Building lasting relationships with his customers is not just important for retaining them it is also proving to be a useful way of gaining additional sales. “The garage trade is quite unique in that everybody seems to know each other and if you excel on your service, news travels fast, generating leads and often resulting in recommendations to and from other businesses in the area,” says Marcus when explaining how important a good working relationship can be and how he has benefited from putting his customers first.
It is not just seasoned mechanics that Marcus is developing professional friendships with, as he explains, “One of the most satisfying parts of the work is helping a youngster to obtain their first big toolbox. I really believe in helping them to budget sensibly rather than overstretch their finances. This benefits both them and me as it lays the foundation for a strong relationship as the apprentice moves up through the ranks during his career, always choosing Mac Tools along the way.”
“My golden rules for running a successful franchise are: buy well, sell well, and collect well. With the Mac Tools network behind me - my fellow franchisees and the head office staff - this has been easy to do and a real pleasure too.”

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