Diversity drives growth at Mac Tools

Posted: 08/05/2015 12:50:59

Mac Tools’ franchise operation continues to grow as more new starters hit the road with the tool supply business. When it comes to the backgrounds of people taking on a Mac Tools franchise there really are no limits.
Naturally, there are many who come to Mac Tools from an automotive background, people who have seen and used the tools and from having had that first-hand experience are keen to share their knowledge. However, there are other franchise holders who come from a diverse range of backgrounds, some of which have no relation to either sales or tools, but that does not stop them from becoming a success with the support of Mac Tools.
Prior to joining the Mac Tools family of franchisees, Daren Emmons was one of those who had no knowledge of the tool business. However, having worked as a sales manager, he knows where his strengths lay and is looking forward to putting that sales experience to good use with Mac Tools. Talking about this new venture Daren says, “The first day on the road was a bit nerve-wracking, but that’s normal and all part of the fun. The training I received from Mac Tools has given me complete confidence to get out there and make the most of the area I’m covering.

Donna Billington, the new rep for the Banbury area, similarly to Daren has a background in sales. She spent 10 years in car sales with BMW before joining Mac Tools. She too enjoyed the comprehensive training programme that left her, in her words, “Looking forward to the challenge of going on the road as a Mac Tools franchisee.” She adds, “I see this as an adventure and it’s one I’m already thoroughly enjoying.” 

Coming from a more hands-on automotive background is Gary Teasdale. Before joining Mac Tools, Gary worked for 15 years in roadside recovery and breakdown repair. He says of his move to becoming a Mac Man, “I’ve been a Mac Tools customer for 10 years and now it’s a case of poacher turned gamekeeper as I introduce people to the Mac brand that I know and love.”

Gary is not the only mechanic to make the move from user to supplier recently, as he is joined in the Mac Tools family by John Buckley who had been a motor mechanic in Rawtenstall, Lancashire for 20 years. Like Gary he says, “I know the brand and I have plenty of hands-on experience in the workshop of just how good the products are. To be able to go out and represent the company that I’ve trusted in my work for so many years is just fantastic.” 

It is not necessary, however, to have an automotive background to join Mac Tools. Before taking four years off to be a full-time mum, Germaine Ash was a design engineer who specialised in gaming machines. “I’m looking forward to the flexibility of working for myself and being able to fit work in with family life, while building a profitable business,” she says about her decision to become a Mac Tools franchisee. “I looked at lots of franchises, but it was Mac Tools that ticked all the boxes for me and I can’t wait to get started.” 

Equally, it can be an advantage if like Neil Brown you have experience in the industry. “Six months ago I moved to the UK after spending 16 years in Australia where I worked for a tool distributor. I’m really looking forward to getting back into the business here and doing so with Mac Tools behind me the whole way. The company’s passion for what it does and the amazing support I’ve received from its staff has already left me feeling extremely confident that I’ve made the right decision.”

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