Make reliable connections with Mac Tools

Posted: 29/05/2013 15:50:58

Mac Tools introduces its connector cleaning kits, ideal for ensuring good electrical conductivity across a range of applications.

7 Round Pin Terminal Cleaners (ET8024)

This set of maintenance tools is designed specifically for removing corrosion and debris from automotive, industrial and marine, seven round pin connectors & terminals. Used for preventative maintenance and if necessary, resizing both male and female connectors, the ET8024 ensures good electrical connectivity and extends the life of trailer sockets and terminals. It can also be used as a gauge to inspect connector wear.

Terminal Connector Cleaners (ET8025)

The ET8025 is a comprehensive set of cleaning tools for trailer terminals and common automotive style wire connectors. The Mac Tools set caters for 4, 5, 6 and 7-spade sockets and is ideal for use on trailer tail light assemblies. As with the ET8024, the ET8025 enables the user to extend the life of sockets and terminals and to restore performance. A storage case is also included.

Diamond Grip terminal cleaners (ET8040)

The innovative ET8040 three-piece professional series terminal cleaner set comprises small, medium and large precision cleaners which remove corrosion from all common male and female automotive connectors. Designed to access hard-to-reach connectors, applications are wide and varied but include: computer modules, engine, transmission, fan, alternator, radio and lights. With a highly durable and abrasive coating that cleans and improves connections, the cleaners save the technician time by reducing diagnostic guesswork

Our terminal and connector cleaning kits allow our customers to resolve poor connection issues quickly and efficiently. In a professional environment they offer valuable time-savings during the fault-finding process, which of course saves money too. Mark Hallum, UK marketing manager for Mac Tools

Mac Tools are available from all regional Mac Tools mobile distributors.

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