A day in the life of a Mac Man

Posted: 08/07/2015 11:14:49

After spending several years working for one of the top car manufacturers in the world, Andy Brookes decided it was time in May 2014 to take his career in a different direction and take to the road with Mac Tools. With a wealth of automotive knowledge behind him and the determination and drive to make a success of life as his own boss, Andy has built up a strong reputation in his local area with amongst customers and is thoroughly enjoying his life as a Mac Tools franchisee. Andy describes his typical day.

I begin each day at around 6:30am, being woken by my lovely wife with a cup of tea before getting showered and having a bowl of cereal ready for the day ahead. My main priority is then to turn on the computer, look through the customers I am due to visit on my daily round and look over their wants and needs. I try to make a note of conversations we have had in previous weeks so I can go prepared with products that might suit their needs each time I visit.
It’s then time to head to the van and check that my ‘mobile-shop’ is looking clean, tidy and presentable, and by around 8:00am I’m on the road. Traffic is often at a stand-still at this time around my area, so I make the most of the journey by making some much needed phone calls to the Mac Tools customer service team, customers, or even other franchisees to have a catch-up with them and share some ideas.
By this time I will have arrived at the first garage ready to see my customers. I head in with my ‘Mac Bag’ in hand, containing a selection of products that may be of interest based on my customers needs, as well as a few lower value items that are likely to be more of an impulse purchase. We call this ‘Tote and Promote’, as my customers always prefer to have a tool in their hand before buying – so I give them what they want!
From now until lunch time, I go from garage to garage (around 4/5 per hour) to visit as many customers as possible.

Lunch time. I usually pull up in a nearby car park or road side while I have my lunch which my wife lovingly prepared for me in the morning. This is the ideal time for me to have a short break, catch up on any emails that I may have received during my morning visits, and make a few more phone calls if needed.
After a quick break, I head back on my route and continue where I left off in the morning. Again, I will aim to stop at 4/5 locations per hour, each of which could have anywhere between 2 and 8 customers working there. The key for me is to give the best level of service I can, whilst still ensuring I get through as many customers as possible.
I will make my last customer visit at around 5:00pm, and then head home and sort out any stock deliveries that might have arrived during the day. I’ll check these into the system, have some dinner, and then make a few stock adjustments on the van ready for the next day.
My final task each day is to cash-up from the daily sales and run my end-of-day report. I then print off any invoices that require attention and transmit my daily figures to Mac Tools’ head office.
It’s time to shut the computer, put my feet up, and relax ready to do it all again tomorrow!

If you think life as a Mac Tools franchisee could be for you, just click here for more information on taking the next step.

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