Key new release from Mac Tools

Posted: 06/02/2013 14:11:57

Mac Tools releases its most comprehensive set of hex keys yet.

Hex keys form an important part of the mechanic's inventory. Mac Tools now offers a high-quality, broad selection of these tools in the new SHKSM15C set, the brand's most comprehensive set of hex keys yet. An important addition is the 7mm key, which is missing from most standard sets of keys.

Manufactured using high grade S2 steel for durability and treated with ProGuard™ dry surface technology, the new hex keys are built to last and are covered by a lifetime warranty. Suitable for use in most applications, the set contains 15 keys in sizes ranging from 1.27mm to 10mm, including, as already mentioned, the elusive 7mm.

All of the keys feature chamfered tips for fast location and full engagement in the bolt head. Ball-ends are also incorporated, allowing the keys to be used at a 25° angle in limited access spaces.

Our goal with this new addition to the product range is to provide the mechanic with a definitive set of professional-grade hex keys that can be relied upon for years to come. The keys have been manufactured to the very highest standards and are designed to resist wear and tear under heavy use in the workshop environment. The storage case also means that lost keys should be a thing of the past. Mark Hallum, UK marketing manager for Mac Tools

The set is supplied in a handy storage case with a coded slot for each key and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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