Mac Through the Generations

Posted: 09/12/2016 10:03:18

Stephen-Rollo.pngAt the age of just 25, Stuart will be enjoying the benefits of business ownership from a young age and will reap the rewards of his own hard work as well as keeping his dad busy from time to time! Stephen will now be able to enjoy more of the freedom and rewards that his business success has earned him.  

“Stuart completed his training over a month ago and has been out in the Mac van for 3 weeks. I’m very pleased that he has been able to take on the business and I think he’ll do very well with it. Before deciding to take the business on, he came out with me for a few weeks to get a good idea of the business and how it operates and to see if it would be something that he could enjoy,” explains Stephen.

“I wanted to take a step back from the business and Stuart was looking for a new job at the time so it seemed like the perfect time. He’d had a sales job before but it just wasn’t paying enough financially so the Mac Tools franchise will be a great chance for him to do something for himself as well as earn a good living.”

“I’ve enjoyed the flexibility of the franchise as well as the social aspect from building relationships with customers and fellow franchisees. We’ve just bought a house that we’re going to renovate to live in and it’s going to take up a huge amount of time so handing the daily running of the business over to Stuart will allow me the freedom to spend more time on that. I do plan to be involved and will take the van out occasionally and help Stuart with the day to day elements,” adds Stephen.

Mac Tools is part of Stanley Black & Decker, the world’s largest hand and power tools manufacturer, a $12 billion global organisation. The company is a full member of the British Franchise Association (bfa) and offers a combination of a tool franchise and a van franchise. Franchisees are trusted distributors of what are considered to be the best quality tools on the market to customers such as car dealerships, automotive repair shops, manufacturing units and engineering companies.

“It’s brilliant to see the Mac Tools franchise being passed down through the family. We’d like to offer a warm welcome to Stuart and wish him all the best with his new venture. Stephen has laid great foundations and for Stuart to be able to take it on at the age of 25 means that he will develop great business acumen and a career for the future,” concludes Maria Batchvarova, Brand Marketing Executive A&I.

If you are ready to take the driver’s seat with Mac Tools and join this thriving network of franchisees, please click here for more information.

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