Mac Tools Franchisee Plans To Expand After Just 12 Months

Posted: 24/08/2016 09:33:54

Alan-Johnson-(1).JPGWhen people decide that they need to
make radical changes to theit life, a new career is often the first thing they consider. Understandably, they reason that in order to get job satisfaction, they need to be working for themselves. For many this is a big step, although it is one that can be taken more easily by opting for a franchise, with Mac Tools becoming a very popular choice. Among those who have joined the company as franchisees is Alan Johnson,
a 45-year-old former motor mechanic from Glasgow who is already considering expansion after a highly successful first year. 

The appeal of a Mac Tools franchise for many of those taking this route is prior experience with the brand. Like Alan, a number of Mac Tools franchisees are former mechanics or engineers who have used Mac Tools products throughout their working lives. It is that knowledge of the brand and the quality of its merchandise that draws them to Mac Tools as a franchise option, as Alan himself explains, “I’d been purchasing and using Mac Tools since the early 1990s and I have always favoured them over other brands. When I saw that the company was offering a franchise in my area it was the obvious choice for me. I know the products well and it’s easier to sell a product you believe in.
“Not only that, but I previously had my own business working as a mobile mechanic which was a great advantage as I already knew about book keeping and the day-to-day running of a business. It also meant I had experience of operating a van-based business.”
Having a mobile business was one of the many advantages of joining Mac Tools that convinced Alan it was the right decision for him when he took on the franchise in July 2015. “Because Mac Tools is a van-based business, I have the ability to take my business to the customer, rather than waiting for them to come to me.
“I start my day by printing off the route schedule. I then make sure I have everything on the van that my customers have ordered the week before. I don’t stop for tea breaks or lunch, I carry a drink with me in the van and I work through until I have finished my rounds.
“Once I’ve finished the day’s route, I drive to my storage unit to see what deliveries I’ve had that day before heading home to go through the delivery and restock the van ready for the next day. When that’s all done, I do my end of day paperwork and order anything my customers have requested that day.”
Such has been Alan’s success over the year since he joined Mac Tools, he is already looking to expand his operation. “I am considering adding a second van to my territory to maximise the number of customers my business can service.
“I’m earning more than I have ever earned in the past and for the first time in years, I have zero credit as well as savings in the bank.”
Alan’s success has been helped by the support he has had and continues to get from Mac Tools. “The training at the Mac Tools offices in Sheffield is fantastic, it’s very in-depth and informative. During the two weeks every new starter spends there, they cover everything you need to know to get your business started. Once you are on the road, there is always someone you can call when you need help, be it your regional manager, customer services or the other franchisees; we all help each other out because we are not in competition with each other. We are a team.”

If you are ready to take the driver’s seat with Mac Tools and join this thriving network of franchisees, please click here for more information.

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